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Technology outreach in the coverage area continues to increase the worth in technology centers by providing training to youth and any adults desiring to improve their ability to learn more about distance learning, internet and website training, leap test passage and completion, computer training and many other attributes concerning computer software. All refurbished computers are equipped with the latest versions of Microsoft Word suites, Windows XP, Word Perfect, math improvement skills, language improvements skills science information, and other programs and software that will enhance the interest and utilization of the computers which are placed in community computer lab Centers. These technology centers assist business owners who need to perform research and are also available to students that need to practice test taking skills.

The Southern University Center For Rural and Small Business Development has a very ambitious agenda with our state of the art technology centers that will emcompass all facets of technology.

1. State of the art computer lab
2. Cyfar literacy program
3. Emergency Prepardness Evacuation Training
4. Quickbooks training
5. USDA Loan Prepardness Training
6. Server-based interface for all technology centers
7. In-house technology experts in all technology centers

An estimated (3505) individuals, businesses, organizations, non-profits and others were impacted through the Centers’ effort and through meetings, seminars, classes, conferences and one-on-one counseling sessions. As we enter into the future and more staff is added, the impact will be even greater and more effective.